The Scout and Guide Association of Croatia has the pleasure to invite you to the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree!

The 11th Croatian Jamboree is an event organized for all members of the Scout and Guide Association of Croatia, regardless of their age, and for our friends from other countries!

As every previous Jamboree, the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree is open to Scout groups from Europe and other countries.

With the aim of bringing together Scouts from as many European and other countries as possible, as well as to optimize the event logistically and to offer the best programme possible, the number of participants per country is limited accordingly:

  • 8 participants (the smallest group, 1 Scout leader),
  • 16 participants (2 leaders),
  • 24 participants (3 leaders).

Groups that are interested in participating with more than 24 participants should contact us directy via our e-mail:

Scouts from abroad have a right to:

  • participate in the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree following their proper registration and timely payment of registration fee
  • get a participant package
  • be accommodated at the camp site with our Scout groups or at the international campsite
  • consume a food catering service (for all meals) in the central cantina with our Scouts, at an additional cost
  • participate in the Jamboree’s programme and learning centres activities, depending on their abilities and interests.

The programme and learning centre activities are organized according to Scout age groups:

  • Scouts (5th – 8th grade of elementary school),
  • Explorers (age 14-18),
  • Rovers (age 18-25),
  • additional programme for participants 25 +

Members of older age groups (education providers and volunteers) are involved as supporting organizers of the campsite life, logistics and programme activities.

Educational service providers:

  • Explorers (age 16+),
  • Rovers (age 18 – 25),
  • adult Scout leaders and volunteers (age 25+).

Can also contribute the programme of the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree as volunteers.