The 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree takes place in the Municipality of Lovinac, in the very south of Lika- Senj County, the mountain heart of Croatia.

The area of Lovinac is situated at the southern edge of Ličko polje and stretches from the Hill of Zir to the North, Mountain range Ličko sredogorje to the east, all the way to the highest peaks of Velebit mountain that rise in the western and southern edge of the area.

Most of the activities, ceremonies, as well as the accommodation of the participants will be taking place in Lovinac and Sveti Rok, however, our attendees will have the chance to explore the entire area including other localities of natural, cultural and historic heritage of Croatia.

There are various places of interest in the surrounding area such as the National Park Plitvice Lakes, along with the National Park Paklenica, Natural Park Velebit, Cerovačke caves, Canyon of the river Zrmanja and the vast field Ličko polje which Velebit, the most impressive mountain in Croatia, mounts over.

The idea behind the organization of the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree in this beautiful are of Lika is to offer the children and young people of the Scout Movement an opportunity to build their knowledge and skills.

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