The cornerstone of the the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Scouts in different aspects of the Scout programme. We plan to accomplish that by offering various Learning centres at different locations where the participants will feel free to explore one of the programme areas, acquire new knowledges and skills or broaden the existing ones through participation in a series of workshops, lectures, group projects or activities.

Learning centres:

  • Hiking learning centre
  • Survival learning centre
  • Rescue learning centre
  • Natural sciences learning centre
  • Pioneering learning centre
  • Aquatics learning centre
  • Archeology learning centre
  • Astronomy learning centre
  • Cycling learning centre

The offer of the programme activities in the learning centres will be available from July 26 (Tuesday) to August 3 (Wednesday) 2022. (9 days of programme activities in total)

Daily programme activities will be held in 3 programme cycles:

  • morning, from 10 to 13
  • afternoon, from 15 to 18
  • evening, from 21 to 24

Some activities may last longer, including an entire day or more days (field trips, bivouacs etc.).

This modular type of programme provides the participating Scout groups with the opportunity to chart their summer activities in advance and to make sure their attendees engage in the programme activities designed in line with their abilities and interests.

The participants of the 11th Jamboree are engaged in the programme activities based on their age and within their patrols and units conforming to the application of their Scout leaders.

Scout masters can register their members through unified application form that will be available in the first two trimesters of 2022. Participants of the 11th Jamboree take part according to their interest, depending on their disposition stated in the application form.

Scout groups that apply first for a particular learning centre activity will have an advantage over other applicants.

The organizer aims to offer an opportunity of participation to all the patrols in whatever learning centre activities they applied for.

Following the applications, in June 2022, a programme schedule created by a computer application will be issued to all the groups registered.