General information

At this moment, the anticipated number of IST volunteers is 30.

Foreign volunteers of the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree have a right to:

  • Take part in volunteering programme/activity without the participation fee payment
  • Full participants package
  • Organized meals during their volunteering work
  • Organized accommodation at the volunteers’ campsite (next to the Executive team’s camp site)

All volunteers will sign a volunteer contract that regulates the rights and duties of the volunteers of the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree.

Foreign volunteers are not entitled to the reimbursement of travel expenses (they travel at their own cost).

Volunteers younger than 25 have a possibility, during their two-week-volunteering experience, to participate in the programme activities of the Learning centres up to 3 days, according to their age group and in agreement with the programme leader of the learning centre.

IST Volunteering teams

For the purpose of successful preparation, organization and performance of the 11th Croatian Jamboree it is necessary to gather over 100 volunteers, working in teams following their interests, capabilities and experience.

Foreign volunteering of the 11th Croatian Scout Jamboree programme and activities can apply to volunteer in the:

  • Hiking learning centre
  • Survival learning centre
  • Rescue learning centre
  • Natural sciences learning centre
  • Pioneering learning centre
  • Aquatics learning centre
  • Archeology learning centre
  • Astronomy learning centre
  • Cycling learning centre

Volunteering in other departments:

  • International cooperation team
  • Communications and media team.

Period of IST volunteering

Basic volunteer engagement is available in the period from July 23 (Saturday) to August 6 (Saturday) – 15 days.

Arrival is scheduled for Friday, July 22, in the evening, and departure on Sunday, August 7, during the day.

IST Volunteer application form

The deadline for volunteer application is February 28, 2022.

All volunteers apply via the link below: